Norfolk Firefighters Team




Inducted 1987


For twenty years, the Norfolk Firefighters did more than just put out fires.  They were a brilliant showcase of Tidewater softball talent.  From 1969 through 1974, they represented Tidewater in seven Industrial National tournaments finishing as high as seventh place twice.  In 1982, they finished fifth in the ASA Industrial National tournament held in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.  In addition to these accomplishments, they represented Tidewater in the International Firefighters’ Tournament held in Maryland annually.  In the eleven years this tournament took place, Norfolk placed second three times and only finished out of the top five once.



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Joe Baines, Manager   

Bill Brock        

Archie Smith   

Earl White

Tubbue Allen  

Joe Turner       

Emory McCoy*

Sid Johnson     

John Shirley*  

Lonnie Steadman

Bubba Davis*  

Dickie Green   

Ronnie Spruill*

Dick Orlatsky  

Lennie Midgette          

Billy Phields

Leigh Hodges

Kenny Reynolds          

Charlile Waller

Steve Klamstine          

Randy Perry    

Ernie Spainhour

JoAnn Baines (bat girl)